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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Three Cheers for Ted Roszak and the Elder Culture!!!

By David J. Randolph Ph.D., Distinguished Professor at Olivet University, San Francisco Author and with David Madgalene Co-Editors of forthcoming “More Candles,Please!" from New Way Media

Theodore Roszak’s “The Making of an Elder Culture” from New Society Publishers is brilliant in describing, analyzing and prophesying about the major social movement from the Counterculture of the 20th century to the Elder Culture of the 21st Century. Cheers!

This book is also a practical guide to the personal challenges and opportunities of growing wiser while growing older. Cheers!

The work is also a personal triumph for Theodore Roszak who proves himself in the marathon of later life a winner in the race he began in the dash of young adulthood. It is rare for a writer to name and define a generation and then describe it in both fiction and nonfiction. There was F. Scott Fitzgerald and the Jazz Age and now there is Theodore Roszak and the Elder Culture. Roszak shows that not only are there second acts in American lives but they may be better than the first. Cheers!

I view some things differently from Roszak. For example, I find C.S. Lewis a more positive resource. But he is so persuasive in the way he builds his case that he challenges others to do as well.

Ted Roszak and this book are candles in the dark of this culture and its discontents.

I look forward to lifting it up for discussion and action especially in our “More Candles, Please “ Project now in development.

"More Candles Please!"

In dark times there are people and communities who shine like candles to illuminate, heal and lead us forward. “More Candles, Please!" is an effort to identify and share some of these sources more widely and effectively.

A sequel to “On the Way After 9/11” (2002) and “Candles in the Dark, Flames for the Future” (2003),“More Candles, Please” is a call for poems, prayers, sermons, visual art etc. to be gathered, selected and published in the broad sense of that word (including print and online) on or about June of 2010 in order to be in place before the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, 2001.

David Randolph and David Madgalene are collaborating in editing this work. In this early stage we are focusing on those who have been especially illuminating to us. This means You…

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

You Are Invited!

NEW WAY MEDIA AND ARTS FESTIVAL Thursday December 17th, 2009 at Olivet University, 250 4th Street, San Francisco, CA. Co-sponsored by CARE (Center for the Arts, Religion and Education at the Graduate Theological Center, Berkeley, CA). Schedule (times subject to change): 1 PM Worship in the Chapel; 2 PM Panel and Featured Speaker Dan Shumaker on "CHRISTIAN WITNESS IN A VISUAL AGE." 3 PM Big Screen Presentations; 4:15 PM Special Presentations and Viewing of Exhibitions; 5:30 PM Special Music by JCM Choir; and 6 PM Christmas Party and Gala Refreshments.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Book from Dr. Randolph to be Featured at 2009 Festival

with commentary by Robert S. Reid

A communications revolution is sweeping through the churches leaving some on fire and others burned out. This work shows what makes the difference for church leaders and communities who are using new media to advance Christian preaching. Join them by recovering the great tradition and expanding it through creative use encouraged by artists and filmmakers as well as preachers and professors. This work explores ways to maximize the promise of preaching and confront the perils leading to the renewal of church and society as we will see at the New Way Media and Arts Festival 2009.

ISBN 13: 978-1-55635-974-3 / 160 pp. / $18 / paper

Available from
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Tel. (541) 344-1528 • Fax (541) 344-1506

Visit our Web site at
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Way Media Festival 2009

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Digital art works on DVD or CD with acknowledgement of original authorship and permission for use by the Festival will be received by David Randolph at 535 Pierce St #5400, Albany CA 94706 through Nov. 30, 2009. Short works are preferred, from 30 seconds to three minutes with subjects related to worship, education, mission social action and other concerns of our community.

THE KEY EVENT of the New Way Media Festival 2009 will be held on Thursday Dec. 17, 2009 at Olivet University at 250 Fourth St. in San Francisco beginning at 1 PM. with the awards ceremony and gala refreshments at 4:30 PM. David Randolph is the Host for this event and David Madgalene is the Director. Pictured above are principals preparing for the 2009 Fest.

PURPOSE: The purpose of this festival is to exhibit original works of art with special reference to new media and explore their relationship to faith and contemporary culture.

MISSION: This festival fits precisely into the CARE mission especially in regard to the interfacing of persons and concerns and the Olivet Mission especially in regard to combining deep faith and high tech.

AUDIENCE: Primarily the Community of artists, religious leaders and educators in the San Francisco Bay Area but open to all through the Worldwide Web.

HISTORY: This Festival has been celebrated annually since 2004. This Festival has introduced original works of art to a larger audience, engaged diverse groups in discussing vital issues, honored distinguished leaders such as Jane Dillenberger and Joan Carter, and stimulated exploration of deep faith and high tech.

Celebrating New Ways To See And Be Alive By Linking Enduring Messages With Emerging Media

New Way Fest is a creative community seeking and celebrating renewal through art, religion and education, with digital creation for multiple media, including print, film and special events.

David James Randolph, Chief Celebrant of the Fest is joined by Fest Director, David Madgalene, who, as lead singer of the Madgalenes, and as a solo act, is in demand at festivals and special events throughout the Bay Area. Here Madgalene is pictured with bassist Steve Shain at the First Annual Shelldance Poetry, Music and Art Festival in Pacifica, CA held this past August 29th.