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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Three Cheers for Ted Roszak and the Elder Culture!!!

By David J. Randolph Ph.D., Distinguished Professor at Olivet University, San Francisco Author and with David Madgalene Co-Editors of forthcoming “More Candles,Please!" from New Way Media

Theodore Roszak’s “The Making of an Elder Culture” from New Society Publishers is brilliant in describing, analyzing and prophesying about the major social movement from the Counterculture of the 20th century to the Elder Culture of the 21st Century. Cheers!

This book is also a practical guide to the personal challenges and opportunities of growing wiser while growing older. Cheers!

The work is also a personal triumph for Theodore Roszak who proves himself in the marathon of later life a winner in the race he began in the dash of young adulthood. It is rare for a writer to name and define a generation and then describe it in both fiction and nonfiction. There was F. Scott Fitzgerald and the Jazz Age and now there is Theodore Roszak and the Elder Culture. Roszak shows that not only are there second acts in American lives but they may be better than the first. Cheers!

I view some things differently from Roszak. For example, I find C.S. Lewis a more positive resource. But he is so persuasive in the way he builds his case that he challenges others to do as well.

Ted Roszak and this book are candles in the dark of this culture and its discontents.

I look forward to lifting it up for discussion and action especially in our “More Candles, Please “ Project now in development.

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