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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

“Space Cowboys” Meet “Chariots of Fire” in New Movie, New Book by Howard Klausner and David Randolph

Howard Klausner who co-wrote the screenplay of the Clint Eastwood film “Space Cowboys” goes from space to grace with the script of “The Grace Card” as told in the book “More Candles in the Dark” with David James Randolph.

Klausner offers the first person confession of a “once Hip Hollywood screenwriter” who is persuaded to write the script for a movie for God proposed by Memphis optometrist David Evans. It is hard choice and Klausner pulls no punches in the fight to make “The Grace Card” a film which honors God, is real and raises the bar on Christian filmmaking. Klausner tells of his struggle and its outcome in his chapter entitled “When The Lion Roars.” The film stars Louis Gossett Jr. and is scheduled for national release from Provident Films on February 25, 2011.

David James Randolph offers this story as an example of a person and community who in a dark time find ways to be candles in the dark, illuminating, healing and leading the way. Other examples are given in first person testimonies, news reports, stories, and poems along with lessons learned and guidelines for action.

This book contains first person accounts and stories including those of a boy paralyzed by a stray bullet while practicing the piano who recovers to forgive and play again, of a scholar at the peak of his career who is stricken by disease and finds light in the darkness, and of women who advance through aging to keep the music playing.

This book holds great promise that as more individuals and communities find the light and unite they will become flames for the future leading from heartbreak to healing,
from fear to faith, from darkness toward light.

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