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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

New Way Fest Reaches New Heights in San Francisco Bay Area Before 9/11/2013

Carla DeSola soared high at the 9th Annual New Way Media Fest and lifted the crowd with her in response to Host David Randolph’s plea: “Carla, teach us to dance!" Carla and David McCauley (pictured above with Joan Carter and David Randolph) and Omega West Dancers dramatized the power of faith over fear against the painting of 9/11/2001 first responders by John Skaggs.

Pastor Sam Park welcomed a full Albany United Methodist Church as David Randolph preached on the theme “The Great Parade from Dream to Reality” and Carla led the dancers in the theme of  the poem “And God said Dance” by David Madgalene before the painting by John Skaggs. They are shown in this photo left to right in the order cited.

David McCauley re-presents a model of Michelangelo’s “ David” to Carla as Host Randolph smiles. The biblical David who was a great poet and dancer as well as warrior and leader powerfully symbolizes the dream that the Festival seeks to make real through vision and action. 

Tim Nuveen (poet and founding President of CARE Board) is seen here with Host David and Honoree Carla and Judy Anderson gathering strength to host our booth for thousands at the huge Solano Stroll.   


We are on the march from the dream to the reality of the kingdom of God.
This is the day of the great parade from chaos through creation and creativity to community beloved of God and we are on the march.
We are marching in the spirit from despair to hope.
We are marching from the destruction of the planet to caring for it.
We are marching from inequality to justice.
We are marching from guns on our streets and war in the world to nonviolence at home and peace in the world.
We are on the march for many reasons but principally because Jesus Christ in the Sermon on the Mount says, this is the way to live: forward march!
Before today you might have thought beatitudes were platitudes.
This is the day that changes and we see them as a call to action and we must take a stand. 


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Ninth Annual New Way Media and Art Festival presents

Carla DeSola                     Photo: Beverly Hall

Honoring Carla DeSola
Founder and Host: David James Randolph
Director: David Madgalene

Sunday, September 8, 2013
10 AM Special Worship with Dance by Carla DeSola,
 Sabine Henrie, Jennifer Kimball, 
Claudia Florian McCaffrey and David McCauley
and sermon by David James Randolph
11 AM Festival Celebration Luncheon
Honoring Carla DeSola
Free and Open to the Public. Donations accepted.

The Albany United Methodist Church,
980 Stannage Ave. (at Marin Ave.),
 Albany, California 94706.

              Partners include the Center for the Arts, Religion and Education (CARE-GTU).

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Open Letter To John Lewis From David Randolph

John Lewis and David Randolph 2009

March 1, 2013

Dear John,
I saw you being beaten in Selma nearly fifty years ago and got on the plane and marched with Dr. King and others.  You recovered and made it to Montgomery and Washington and the Civil Rights Act of 1965 guaranteeing equal voting rights for all Americans.

I saw you being beaten in Washington and this time the blows were so robed in power that people might not notice that while Americans are celebrating Dr. King we are adjudicating Gov. Wallace. The lips of the Justices are dripping with the words of “racial entitlement” while threatening to trample voting rights as surely as the horses of those Alabama police.

I must get on my electronic plane this time, John, because my place in the march now is with the disabled and we have our work cut out for us in California where I live now. But I want you to know that I am with you now in Washington as deeply as in Selma. I know you will help us by the shining sea of the Pacific and we will support you to the shining sea of the Atlantic until our land is truly good and crowned with brotherhood and sisterhood for all Americans.

Thank you once again, John, and let us know how we can help you most in this movement of the Great Parade for love and justice.

With cheers beyond tears,
David James Randolph
Host New  Way Media Fest
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