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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


by David James Randolph ©

Jesus Christ enters San Francisco
riding upon…a bicycle.
He passes the reviewing stand and the Mayor
says to the City Supervisors
“I told you that bike lane was a good idea!”

Everybody is rushing to see him.
The strippers are joining with
men in their business suits to watch.
They’re stumbling out of bars
and filing out of offices.
They know something is happening.
The shopkeepers, the realtors, the restaurateurs, the waiters and witnesses
everybody except the people in the Post Office line
who are not giving up his or her place for anyone!
Some get carried away and start tearing palm branches off the trees
and throwing them in the path of Jesus
but this stops when the police ticket them for littering.
Jesus sees and laughs.
He pops a wheelie and calls out “Blessings on you!
Blessed are you when you save the trees.”

As he pops wheelies rearing up on the back wheel of the bike
he says, “Blessed are you!”
To the churches caring for the hungry and homeless
to the museums bearing witness to beauty
blessings on those caring for children
blessings on those watching out for the elderly.

But Jesus does not stay in the Bike Lane.
He pulls over to confront the merchants
selling child labor goods at high prices
and pulls down the Sale banner
“Woe unto you,” he cries.
“Woe unto you who do not pay teachers fairly
nor feed the hungry
nor house the homeless
nor support the artists.
Woe unto you who make war and not peace”
Some powerful people are scowling.
The shadows are deepening.
But Jesus just rides on through them
and as he heads out past Golden Gate Park
the fabulous sun bursts out
and fills the Pacific with golden light
and floods everything with glory.

You have this fabulous feeling of how beautiful is this place,
and how endangered it is.
How desperately each one of us must add to the beauty
and subtract from the danger
and what an honor it is to be alive
to prepare the way for Jesus Christ
to enter San Francisco.

From “On the Way After 9/11” by David James Randolph,

New Way Media, Albany, CA

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