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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


(Pictured from legit to right are Dr. Sam Park, Dr. Mee-Rha Hahn, Dr. David James Randolph and Dr. Byung June Hwang.

Ways of renewal of faith and preaching with new media and ancient arts were demonstrated and celebrated at the Conference on preaching held at the American Baptist Seminary of the West in Berkeley on June 26 attended by church leaders from Korea and the United States.

Keynote speaker Dr. David James Randolph said that in the 21st Century when conforming to popular cultures is leading to decay, transformation is possible no less than in the first Century when Christian faith came by preaching. The foundations of faith must be equally strong and new media and visual language are among contemporary resources which must be developed according to Dr. Randolph. He illustrated with the use of a brief movie form adaptable to YouTube.

Host Dr. Sam Park of the American Baptist Seminary of the West demonstrated how preaching can be enriched by uniting the ancient tradition of story telling in Asia with presentation using a longer movie form adaptable to chapel and classroom.

Dr. Byung June Hwang, leader of the Korean delegation, stressed the importance of new ways of communicating faith to address church decline in Korea and America with planning for the future.

Dr. Mee-Rha Hahn of Hoseo University spoke forcefully of the advantages to be gained from cross-cultural studies in theology and society. Dr. Hahn charmed the group with her graceful familiarity with a broad range of arts and science.

David Madgalene, poet, writer, artist and author of “Call Down the Angel” joined the discussion by bearing witness to the impact of poetry and the visual arts on church and society globally as represented in his anthology “World of Change.”

Dr. Nancy Hall welcomed the conference on behalf of ABSW and afterward expressed warm gratitude for the event and the hope that this be one of a series of such events and cultural exchanges.

Discussions are in fact underway to continue and expand this conference  and  related events and publications. Stay tuned to New Way Media Fest for more.

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