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Monday, November 16, 2015

Prayer for Peace after Paris November 2015

Painting by John Skaggs
O God of life, we come to you in the rubble of death.
We come asking for new life to find peaceful solutions
For ourselves, for our brothers and sisters, our world.
For in the rubble we find signs of renewal,
Heroes and heroines serving in the dust.
O God, come like a breath of fresh air
And breathe new life in us.
Come like a cleansing rain and wash away our hate.
Come like a fire to forge our swords into plowshares.
Come like the embrace of returning prodigals.
May it be said of us that in the rubble of death
We helped bring peaceful solutions
Heralded by angels and artists
To one another, to the streets, to the environment,
To the world through our service, art, poetry, music
And all we are and do with the Prince of Peace. Amen

Prayer by David James Randolph
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