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Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Treeo Klein above in a recent photo
taken by David Randolph, author of
the following review.

The art of Treeo Klein in words and pictures that has delighted and energized friends since her Hollywood days is now available to the public online and cause for celebration. Her work is outstanding for its quality, as the record of a remarkable life and as a call to action on the challenges of aging we face individually and as a society. Treeo Klein may be to this generation what Grandma Moses was to hers: a person whose life and art appearing later in life opens possibilities for persons of all ages. See for yourself at

Treeo Klein managed an apartment house in Hollywood with a prestigious address but neighborhood in decline. She helped lead a renewal effort and when a reporter from the Los Angeles Times asked her what it was like she replied that she saw her place as an oasis in the middle of a gutter. Later she was honored with others for creating that place of hope in the midst of despair.  Treeo’s life was devoted to this creativity as expressed in her poem “Lost At See with Macular D” and her work with those suffering from macular degeneration until her passing in July 2016.

That her art is available on line is a great gift because Treeo’s secret is revealed and hidden in her art and best unfolded in her stories, poems and paintings of her life.  Treeo exemplifies the mission of New Way Media as a candle in the dark shining a light that illuminates, heals and shows a way forward. Thanks to Treeo and those whose love and talent in media old and new share the light. See

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